Cats or Dogs?

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Cats and dogs: the basic beloved household pets that everybody seems to have a strong preference on. This classic debate has surfaced itself for as long as society can remember. Although certain people may feel strongly about each side of this debate, both pets have their positives and negatives to taking care of them. However, we all know that dogs are better.

Dogs have been the man’s best friend for thousands of years. These friendly hounds  are better companions than cats. It is typical for dogs to come across as friendlier than cats because they express themselves in a way that comes across as more affectionate. Usually, cats are shy and hide from new guests that they have not met. Dogs are much more likely to greet new people, and express excitement when approaching a human being. Even if cats are just as friendly, wouldn’t it be more appealing to have a pet that shows its affection?

These intelligent creatures can also be useful for medical conditions. Over the last century, dogs have been trained to help people with health issues and disabilities. Dogs have a strong sense of smell and sound. If trained properly, dogs are able to detect issues that humans cannot detect without a device. Therapy dogs are commonly used by people with mental health disorders such as anxiety. Cats are not as relevant as dogs are because dogs can be trained to assess a human’s health and take action if needed.

Taking care of a dog is not easy work. For a dog to stay healthy, a dog must be walked daily. Cats do not need to be walked to stay healthy, as exercising a cat does not take as much work. Typically, dogs are much more high maintenance to take care of than cats.

Even though dogs require much more attention, dogs are better than cats because of the affection and protection they are willing to give their owners, and how they can guide people with medical issues.

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