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Listen Up-Weekly Music Update

Colby Johnson, Copy Editor

November 16, 2016

This week saw the release of A Tribe Called Quest’s sixth and reportedly last album entitled “We Got It From Here.” This album features all four original members as well as a plethora of guests including Kanye West and Jack White. Late September gave way to Bon Iver’s newest album -the first...

P-CEP’s Must See Fall Production: “Blithe Spirit”

P-CEP's Must See Fall Production:

Laura Westcott, Features Editor

November 16, 2016

Sam Schikora, Plymouth senior and stage manager, said, “Blithe Spirit is a witty, entertaining show about an author being haunted by his ex-wife after a séance gone wrong.” Set in 1945 and written by Noel Coward, novelist Charles Condomine (Dalton Barthold, Canton sophomore) invites Medi...

Humans of P-CEP

Humans of P-CEP

Sanjana Sathrasala, Copy Editor

November 16, 2016

Humans of New York is a familiar name to many throughout the world. This is a social media blog that showcases the lives of people throughout New York. Just as this account aims to share the stories of the variety of people that get lost in the busy streets of New York, Humans of P-CEP shoots to do the...

Not just another skeleton

Not just another skeleton

Chloe Barbosa, Deputy News Editor

November 9, 2016

I stopped dead in my tracks. I'd found it. There he was, looking at me with his dark, soulless eyes. I used all my strength to resist buying him because of his $80 price tag, but when I checked out I saw that it was 60 percent off the next day. Of course, I had to go back for him. I buckled him in the c...

Ohio vs Michigan… Homecoming Style?

Madison Taylor & Grace Grelak, Photo Editors

November 7, 2016

It is probably true that Plymouth, Canton and Salem Homecomings are equally as fun as an Ohio Homecoming, but what are the differences between the two? Students at the Park and Wapakoneta High School, in Wapakoneta Ohio, both have similar and very different traditions when it comes to their homecoming...

Music of P-CEP: Choir and Orchestra’s fall concert

Music of P-CEP: Choir and Orchestra's fall concert

Mary Pettovello, Features Editor

November 3, 2016

The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park Choirs and Orchestra joined together on Tuesday Oct. 18 at seven p.m. in the Salem Gloria Logan Auditorium for “A Fall Concert.” The P-CEP Choirs and Orchestra have done their fall concert together as a “running tradition for at least 20 years,” said Jennifer...

This Month in TV History- October

Emily Proctor, Co-News Editor

October 28, 2016

Looking back, October has been the month of late fall television premieres and hilarious Halloween specials, and while the weather turns from 70 and sunny to the low 50s and eventually freezing, it might not hurt to come home from school and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and start binge watching a new (but...

Fall into this season’s fashion

Fall into this season's fashion

Khadega Mohammed, Claire Heise, Staff Writer, Co-Editor

October 26, 2016

Autumn has arrived, and nothing is more exciting than fall fashion. This year, turtlenecks continue to be one of the season’s top trends. They are simple and timeless pieces that you can style with long necklaces, jackets or wear on their own. Pair with a bomber, jean or leather jacket, some skinny...

District Policy Unclear Regarding When and Where Teachers May Express Political Views

Haaniya Mallick, Reporter

October 24, 2016

  With Election Day fast approaching, it remains unclear whether teachers and other staff members have been given a directive not to take a stand on political issues or candidates. Two years ago, in October 2014, P-CCS district staff members received an email from the community relations office...

Viral Halloween Costumes

Conner Riedel, Reporter

October 24, 2016

Halloween is coming up, and students want to look their scariest. According to, the top three Halloween costumes for females are Simone Biles, Pokémon Go trainer and Starbucks rainbow drinks. Other popular costumes include Harley Quinn and a ghost buster. For men, the top costumes...

Welcoming The Perspective Staff

The new Perspective staff pose for a picture as they start the new year of running the newspaper.

Mary Pettovello, Features Editor

October 24, 2016

Have you ever wondered who wrote the stories you read in the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park Perspective? Well they’re a few of the 6,000 students at the Park. There are many editors on the Perspective staff and this is your chance to get to know them a little better. Hannah Saad, Salem senior, is the Editor-in-...

The Man Who Ruined Halloween

Chloe Barbosa, Deputy News Editor

October 18, 2016

Ever wonder where the myth that there’s poison or a razor blade in your Halloween candy came from? It started during the Industrial Revolution. However, there has only been one case of poisoned candy. In Deer Park, Texas, 1974, a child named Timothy O’Bryan was poisoned by a Pixy Stix and died...

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