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The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

The Perspective

The Student News Site of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park

The Perspective

Muslim Capitol Day

Khadega Mohammed, Reporter May 30, 2017

Hundreds of Muslim youth and adults gathered at the State Capitol for the annual Michigan Muslim Capitol Day event that took place Tuesday, May 9. The event was hosted by Michigan Muslim Community Council...

Rouge River Research

Grace Pierzynski, Reporter May 30, 2017

Every year, the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park’s Ecology classes partner up with the Friends of the Rouge Organization to do research for the Rouge Education Project. The Rouge Education Project is...

Quite the Day for Capstone Projects

Quite the Day for Capstone Projects

Laura Westcott, Feature Editor May 30, 2017

On May 19, Canton senior Syd West, Plymouth senior Carter Salata and Salem senior Tarriel Cannon all showcased their Capstone Projects through the Arts Academy at the same time. Well, practically. Salata...

Ten People You Should Follow on Instagram

Victoria Hall, Opinion Editor May 30, 2017

From its humble beginnings as a simple app to share photos to an app worth $50 billion, Instagram has become a household name. It has helped produce some of the content creators we know and love today;...

Senior Skip Day

Grace Grelak, Photo Editor May 30, 2017

May 26 is a holiday known by most seniors as a day to sleep in, relax or adventure off to Cedar Point. The thought of having a day off of school for only seniors is great, but how did it all start? According...

PCCS Director of Communications Turns His Long-Lived Passion For Music Into A Creative Space For Local Student Musicians

Naabia Romain, Reporter May 24, 2017

Plymouth-Canton’s lively music scene is a blend of high school garage bands and the 18 and over music scene. Nick Brandon, P-CCS Director of Communications, was once in one of those high school garage...



Madie Miazek, News Layout May 22, 2017

Every Friday morning, Salem junior Fillip Filkoski posts a picture on Instagram of his breakfast. He has kept this tradition going since his freshman year. “Freshman year I just wanted to put something...

The Compassion International Club

Chloe Barbosa, Deputy News Editor May 22, 2017

Every year, Compassions International Club sponsors a child in poverty somewhere in the world. This is their third year as a club, and this year they are helping a 5 year old boy from Burkina Faso named...

Terrill Malone: Humble beginnings to Ivy Leagues

Terrill Malone: Humble beginnings to Ivy Leagues

Khadega Mohammed, Reporter May 22, 2017

Accepted into nine universities, one being an Ivy League, and four being notable universities, this well spoken and poised Canton High School senior is an exceptional student. Terrill Malone, a  charismatic...

Humans of P-CEP: Marisa “Rose” Austin

Katrina Smith, Guest Writer May 16, 2017

She’s an inventor, a risk-taker, an exciting ball of energy waiting to explode on a new project. Meet Marisa Austin, an 18-year old junior at Salem High School who spends all the free time she can get...

Humans of P-CEP: Hectic Life of a President

Rachel Kristian, Guest Writer May 16, 2017

A busy day is a normal day for Allison Hurley, with running between school, Robotics Club, work and friends. She has a bright future following in her parents’ footsteps to a path of success. Hurley said,...

Humans of P-CEP: Henry the Safe

Nick O’Donohue , Guest Writer May 16, 2017

He walks into the building, quickly scurries his way into the robotics team’s machine shops. He puts on his safety glasses and begins to instruct others who haven’t done so already. He nudges all of...