“Blue Bloods” Review

There are several series based on detective/police work and crime. However, no series can compare to that of  CBS’s American drama series Blue Bloods. This series is so invigorating and will make you want to binge watch for hours. The multiple producers of this show, which include Robin Green and Leonard Goldberg, did a phenomenal job with casting. There is incredible and very talented acting in the show, and the actors and actresses fit the characters well.

The New York crime drama focuses on a multigenerational family of cops that includes the city’s police commissioner, Frank Reagan, his two sons and his retired father. Along with the family comes a District Attorney, Erin Reagan, who is the sister of the Police Commissioner’s two sons.

The show is an accurate depiction of the Law Enforcement life. In addition, the series gives personal insight into the internal struggles law enforcement faces every day. The intense arrests, the high-speed chases and even family arguments all seem so real, which is a big part of what makes the show so popular.

I highly recommend watching the series because as said before, it is highly intriguing and it is a show I have truly enjoyed watching. In addition, there are multiple on the edge of your seat moments and if you are connected to the life of law enforcement in any way, the show is really an exact portrayal.